Cost-Effective Ways to Market a New Business

As much fun as marketing can be, it’s also serious business.  Marketers have the unique job of blending art and science to make ‘selling’ easier.  Ani Marketing Service works with you to determine your objectives, timelines, and budgets, and then we create and produce the most impactful campaigns.  Plus we work as part of your team in a part-time, full-time, or one-off capacity, to make sure we get the job done right!  Here are some of our more popular marketing services:


Grassroots PR

Why buy relationships with the press, when you can cost-effectively generate them with us?  Ani Marketing Service helps you determine strategic monthly messaging and works with you to target key publications and their features.  This way we help you communicate value-added information to the trade on a regular basis, eventually encouraging the press to take you seriously and to contact you as a thought leader.



Sometimes you forget how much of an expert you are.  We are here to unearth that expertise and to use it to stay in touch with your customers, prospects, vendors, and partners through emails and online social media.  The click-throughs are essentially sales leads, and if you need help compiling your database, we can do that too.  Then, when your prospects are ready to use your services, they’ll know who to contact.


Website and Online Advertising

If you are driving people to your website, you better make sure buyers can easily find information.  We talk to your buyers to make sure that we understand their needs and we help you build that feedback into your website.  We also help you optimize your keywords for advertising through A/B testing, ensuring that your website traffic is readily converted from browsers to buyers.


Traditional Promotion

Buyers need to see promotions multiple times before they even realize they’ve seen something once.  That’s why it’s good to reinforce your message through a variety of channels such as print collateral (literature, postcards, business cards, etc), advertising, and events (tradeshows, panels, webinars, etc).  We help you optimize your campaigns to get the most out of your budget!



You will be most successful when you address the needs of today’s market.  That’s why clients hire us to objectively solicit input from your leadership, employees, customers, competitors, prospects, partners, and/or vendors.  This is used to fine-tune business plans, branding, logo designs, audience segmentation, key messaging, customer service, product offerings, sales processes, or sales campaigns.  When we help you address your customer needs, then we shore up your future revenue stream.

As an entrepreneur launching new businesses, I spend a lot of time pitching to potential investors. To maximize my effectiveness with the Venture Capital Community, I work with Ani Marketing Service to develop a messaging framework and presentation materials. They also work with me on business development opportunities for additional outreach. The results were world class and I have retained them to help me identify other investment opportunities and to manage follow-up with a number of potential partners and investors.

Amar Inalsingh
The Accounting Information Systems Group