From artists to technology, Ani Marketing Service does it all.

It’s possible because we’ve been immersed in the arts, in business, and in engineering.  Additionally, we complement your industry expertise with our expertise in marketing.  By working together, sharing the same work ethic, and driving to a common vision, we can make almost anything happen to grow or stabilize your specific industry needs!  Here’s a sample of our work:



Fashion / Retail / Marketing

  • Streets Consulting
  • Holtzman Communications
  • Lead Dog Marketing

Automotive / Manufacturing / Construction

  • iCarz
  • Gindin & Associates
  • Parker Hannifin

Education / Leadership /

  • DadDay
  • Duke Club of New York
  • Smiles Fashion
Ani Marketing Service helped us gain client insight by executing, following up, and analyzing several large scale customer surveys sent to clients who rely on our product integrity, service proficiency and responsiveness. The surveys provided both big picture information as well as weekly feedback relating to our services. The results have helped us streamline communication processes and prioritize service, based on customer needs and feedback.

Martina Doherty
Director of Corporate Marketing