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How to Avoid the Gimmick

How often have you heard something dismissed as “just a marketing gimmick”? Anything that seems too quirky, too good to be true, or too annoying is lumped together as a gimmick, and summarily ignored by today’s cynical consumer. If you’re … Continue reading

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How do Hackers and Makers Factor into Your Marketing?

It’s now easier than ever for consumers to modify and hack technology. Once just the domain of uber-techies, modding, hacking, and maker culture is accessible to anyone with an internet connection, some disposable income, and no concern about the possibility … Continue reading

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Food Pairings as Marketing Partnerships

The other day I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I saw an interesting post from one of my favorite cider makers. They had paired with a gourmet cheese maker to present some pairing ideas for cider and cheese. … Continue reading

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Word of Mouth – The Original Viral Marketing

Everyone wants to go viral. When you see the success of campaigns like last year’s Ice Bucket Challenge, you might wonder how to harness the power of viral marketing for your healthcare organization. Maybe you’ve even got the marketing department … Continue reading

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Have you Heard of Foursquare?

Back in the day, it was a game where 4 people would be in 4 squares in a driveway, and they would competitively bounce the ball against each other, much like tennis without the rackets. These days, foursquare is an … Continue reading

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