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How Would You Sell Healthcare to Yourself?

Empathy is an important tool in sales, doubly so in healthcare sales. If you want to know how to reach your target market, imagine how you would want someone to sell healthcare to you. What are your wants, your primary … Continue reading

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Make it Memorable

In technology sales, it’s important to make your pitch memorable. You might think that the key is simple repetition, but the truth is that if you repeat the same value proposition over and over again, eventually your customers are going … Continue reading

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Workflow Solutions for Startup Sales

I like to joke a lot about how awesome it is to live in the future, mainly when I can use my phone to do something like look up what other TV shows I’ve seen an actor in, or to … Continue reading

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Simplify Your Pharma Sales Pitch

When you know your newest drug is good, you want everyone to know it! As such, it’s easy to fall into a trap of trying to share every great thing about your product in a single pitch, leaving your potential … Continue reading

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