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Is Your Internal Communication as Good as Your Outbound Communication?

Chances are, your tech company has a great newsletter that marketing sends out to all of your customers. But how is your internal communication looking? Are you putting as much care into keeping your team informed as you are to … Continue reading

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Reach out and . . .

Recently, I was watching 2 colleagues of mine chat about some business.  When one of them really wanted the other one to ‘listen’, she reached out and lightly touched his arm for emphasis.  That gesture changed the whole tone of the … Continue reading

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Nothing is constant but change … and yet …

They say it takes an organization 2 years to change its culture and that’s only if everyone in the organization wants to change.  Now think about it.  How many people actually like change?  I don’t know many who do, which … Continue reading

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Event — Feb 13, 2015 — Growing the Top Line

The Osborne Group holds open Round Table Discussions every second Friday of the month for businesses to share their success stories to help each other grow.  This month, the topic will be presented by Aruna Naomi Inalsingh of Ani Marketing … Continue reading

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Happy Summer 'Soul' stice!

This weekend those of us in the northern hemisphere will experience the summer solstice, when the sun stays above the horizon for more than 12 hours. It’s the day with the most light, which I just love! Imagine if you … Continue reading

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