The Digital Revolution

Sometimes companies think ‘going digital’ means posting comments on Facebook. That may be part of it, but there is so much more! Posting on Facebook and other social media sites can be the first step of a good promotional campaign, but companies also need to create, build, engage, monitor, and react to their communities. (It’s a lot more than just posting!). Companies can also ‘go digital’ by promoting their businesses through banner ads, online ad words or directory listings, but when they do this, they also need to monitor their website traffic and ensure that their efforts result in high conversion rates of click-throughs to revenue-generating business. Another popular digital marketing tactic is writing and sharing content on special sales promotions, but companies that do this should also provide more neutral industry-related information that shows prospects how they understand the industry beyond just trying to sell something.

Essentially, being digital means readily responding to real-time activity. Gone are the days when you invested in a ‘flat’ website and held onto the content for three to five years. Instead, smart businesses are building websites which are easily updated and readily adjusted to convert visitors to business prospects. Here’s how it works: If no one comes to your website, then you need campaigns to drive people there. If people come to your website and don’t want to learn more, then you need to make your search words or campaign themes more congruous with your website content. If you are generating leads, but not closing deals, then you need better lead nurturing programs. These are the stages in a sales pipeline, and good businesses know how well they are doing in each stage and where they could use improvement.

Ideally, it would be nice for the data in the sales pipeline to be collected and analyzed, and then for your websites, campaigns, and programs to be automatically adjusted according to buyer behaviors. And believe it or not, this is now possible. That is why I have decided to better support our clients by joining forces with Mark Cummings and Tom Murzenski. Mark is a designer who understands behavior-influencing design, and Tom is a developer who understands how the user-experience influences interactivity. The three of us will work together under a new constantly-evolving business entity called Impel Digital, which is available to help strategically grow your business. I encourage you to check out the interactive (and traditional) services we are offering, and whenever you are ready, we would love to talk to you about how we can support your current business needs.

Also, moving forward, you’ll be hearing from me at, so please update your contacts to include my new email address!

Always wishing you the best,

Director of Content Development, Impel Digital

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