Sell Your Strength

In all areas of our lives, we have to choose whether we want to be a generalist or a specialist. From our studies to our careers to our hobbies, we have to choose between breadth and depth. This is also true when we choose how to craft a sales pitch.

It may be tempting to full your pitch with everything about your company and your product, touching on each and every feature, service and option. But that can be overwhelming, and not really give potential customers a good understanding of anything, just a surface-level look at what you do.

Instead, your pitch should be focused on the very best things about your business, and your product’s strengths. What do you do better than your competitors? What do your customers love about doing business with you? How has your product outperformed industry standards?

People want to feel like they’re making the best possible purchasing decision, so your job is to focus on what makes you the best.

If your company is known for amazing customer service, your pitch should include testimonials, and focus on the ease of the buying experience, the continued support, and the corporate culture they’re buying into.

If your products are famous for being well-made, your pitch should focus on the importance of craftsmanship, as well as pointing out the long-term savings that come from not having to repair or replace so often.

If your business is known for innovation, your pitch should incorporate the company’s history of development, leading up naturally to what you’re selling today, and with an eye to the future that your customers will be part of.

Of course, you should weave other information into the pitch, the other nitty-gritty facts that the customer needs to know — pricing, specs, options — but don’t make that the focus. When you’re selling your strength, you’re also selling your story. A good story doesn’t have a lot of info-dumps, but weaves the information into the narrative. Tell a story of how your product excels!


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