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I recently noticed a trend with my colleagues here in New York:  Whenever they are answering positively to a question , they say ‘correct’, instead of  ‘yeah’ or ‘right’.  For some reason, this really resonates with me. I think because it not only answers the question, but also is deliberate and articulate, while reinforcing the confidence of the person asking the question.

Words are so important — both literally and for what they convey.  That’s why texts and emails can be so tricky, because unless you use the exact words, phrases, or sentence flow, your intentions might be misconstrued.  I’m sure you have read something that caused you to react in an unexpected way, and your reflex was to immediately reply, which was what you probably did.  Maybe, if you had a little more experience, after you wrote the reply, you would have re-read your initial response and probably edited it — maybe even edited it a few times.  Some of you might have actually slept on your reply before sending it.  Others might have decided to make a call or have an in-person chat, so that the conversation had some more verbal context and non-verbal clues.  Of course, sometimes we don’t have the luxury of calling or seeing someone in-person, but a face-to-face (Skype-to-Skype) chat, would definitely give both of you a better sense of each other’s positions.  And when necessary, the presence of a third-party can be very helpful in keeping things more neutral.

At the end of it all, remember that regardless of the method of communication, your words convey an impression.   Therefore, your choice of words needs to be deliberate enough to represent your intention.  And whether the message is ‘good, bad or ugly’, remember that we are all people with feelings.  So make sure that when you reply to an email, question, or comment, try to use words that are respectful and phrases that are fact-based. That way you will get your point across in a manner that is direct and not hurtful.  In doing so, you will become a much better communicator and leader.

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