Selling Food as an Experience

Because food and beverages play such crucial parts in our lives – from the comfortable familiarity of dinner at home to a special meal out for your birthday to big holiday parties – we often tend to associate food with experiences. You can harness this in your sales pitch. Don’t just sell your product, sell the way your customers will experience it.

For the B2C approach, work closely with marketing to craft some scenarios in which clients might enjoy your food and drink. Depending on what you sell, you might want to evoke feelings of fun, or nostalgia. Work these emotions and ideas into your sales pitch. Your lemonade isn’t just the perfect blend of sweet and tart, it’s also the perfect cold beverage to have with a big plate of BBQ on a picnic with your family.

You’re selling a story, with your customer as the star. You want them to imagine the feel of that cold glass of lemonade in their hand, the condensation running down the side of the glass, the first refreshing sip on a hot summer day, while they sit on a blanket in a grassy field with the kids and the dog running around.

But selling the experience isn’t limited to B2C! You can also sell the experience for B2B clients. Instead of focusing on how your client would eat or drink your product, either focus on how much easier it will make their lives, or sell the experience of working with your company.

To sell the idea of convenience, focus on the amount of time, money, or effort saved by using your product, rather than sourcing it from elsewhere or doing it themselves. Do your pre-chopped onions free up valuable time and counter space, while saving the sous chef from teary eyes? Paint a scenario of your product in use. Share examples of how other customers have benefited from your products.

If you expect to have a long-lasting partnership with your B2B clients, as is usually the case for food suppliers and distributors or restaurants, selling the relationship is a key point. Get them invested in your company culture. Point out ways that your values align with theirs. And above all, sell the experience of how easy you will be to work with. Do you have a streamlined ordering process? A well-designed website? Can they set up automatic deliveries? Do you have a customer service team on-call to answer their questions? You are selling the idea of your company as made up of regular ol’ human beings, professional, dedicated to food, dedicated to strong business relationships.

Food is such a communal experience for so many of us, you want to sell the idea of you and your customers as being part of one big community, working together to keep people happy and well-fed. That’s what selling the experience is all about!


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