At the Cutting Edge of Marketing Technology

If your technology is at the cutting edge of development, shouldn’t your marketing be as well? It always surprises me when I open my mail box and find an actual paper advertisement from Dell Computers. Who actually orders a laptop from a catalog? While print media is a valid part of a multi-pronged marketing effort, it’s important to make sure you’re also taking advantage of modern marketing opportunities.

Like most people, if I’m shopping for new technology, I do my research online. I compare specs and prices, read reviews, canvas my friends via social media. Savvy marketers know to take advantage of these shopping habits, to make sure that while I’m researching and planning and deciding, I’m constantly being reminded of their products.

One technology-driven marketing solution that I see frequently is the smart ads inspired by your recent browsing history. I might look for a new portable speaker on Amazon, and then for the next few days, I see advertisements reminding of that speaker on Facebook, on websites I visit, on Amazon when I return to buy something else, all over the web. Other shops may even send me an email reminder about items I was looking at, to see if I want to come back and make a purchase.

Of course, there are a lot of detractors of this sort of marketing. Many of my friends describe these ads as “creepy” or “invasive”, so you may need to take care when employing these tactics. I think within a few years they’ll be old hat and most people will be used to them, but over-use of them now may turn off potential customers.

For a softer approach, you might instead choose to market your new technology on the newest, hottest social media platforms. I see a lot of fashion and beauty related companies jumping on every new network in order to reach a millennial customer base – why shouldn’t technology do the same? You’ll be reaching a market that is clearly already interested in tech and makes it an integral part of their life.

Another method is to take advantage of other technology to highlight your own technology products… How could you use macro photography, aerial drones, or slow-motion cameras to highlight your technology? Think of the technology-driven media that people like to consume, and look for clever ways to apply it to marketing.

The cutting edge of marketing technology lets you meet your customers where they are, in new and exciting ways. How can you take advantage of that?


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