How to Craft a Delicious Sales Pitch

If you want to sell food, you need to make people hungry for it. There’s a variety of techniques that B2C marketing uses to make customers crave their food, but what about B2B sales? How do you convince a buyer, or a room full of buyers, that your product is the one they want on the shelves of their grocery stores and in the kitchens of their restaurants? You need to craft a delicious sales pitch.

A delicious sales pitch focuses on flavor above all else. You may touch on nutrition, convenience, and other key selling points that set you apart from the competition, but your main goal is to make your audience hungry. How do you achieve that goal?

-Make sure that your pitch is full (but not overstuffed!) of evocative words. What descriptors best fit your product. Are you scrumptious, flaky, velvety? Rich, decadent, gooey? Check in with marketing to see what words they’ve been using. Read some food blogs for inspiration. Spend some time with the thesaurus. Describe your products like you’re introducing a recipe in a cook book.

-Whenever possible, include photos. Your company has invested in good photography, right? Put those photos to work in your sales materials. Let people see just how delicious your food looks, and they’ll be imagining how it tastes. There are entire blogs and Facebook communities dedicated to the idea of “Food Porn.” Bring a little bit of that into your sales pitch. Make the food sexy!

-Discuss how your product can be served. Lovingly describe scenarios crafted around your product. Conjure an image of a family meal, a summer picnic, a romantic candlelit dinner. Have them imagining how they, and by extension, their customers, could enjoy your offerings. Sell the story!

-And now that you’ve got them practically salivating, the pièce de résistance – samples! Hungry people want to be fed, so feed them. Let the clients try your products. Let them see, taste and smell the real thing. Once they’ve tasted it themselves, they’ll want to place an order and make it a part of their own business’s offerings.

Extra sneaky tip: If at all possible, schedule your sales pitch for right before lunch, or right at the end of the day. I know whenever I have to work with one of our food clients at the end of the day, I am starving by the time we’re done! The power of suggestion is all that much more powerful when people are already a little hungry.


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