Start Strong to Hit Your 2016 Sales Goals

Here we are on the first Monday of 2016. I don’t know about you, but I always find it hard to hit my stride after a long holiday weekend. Sometimes work feels like an alien thing after you’ve had more than three days off in a row. But if you’re working in sales at a startup, you don’t really have the option of getting off to a slow start.

Chances are, you already have your sales goals set for 2016, or management will hand down some numbers very soon. How will you meet those goals? How will you break it down? Monthly, weekly, even daily? Divide your goal into chunks to make it more manageable, and to make it easier to see your progress.

You’ll want to dive right into it. Now’s the time to reach out to any prospects who you were talking to before the holidays, and anyone you spoke to casually over the holiday who seemed like they might be a good lead. Send your wishes for a happy new year along with a gentle reminder about your product and service. As a side note, you should also remember to add these people to your database for any external communications your company will be sending out later in the year!

Coordinate with marketing to see if there’s any possibility of offering a New Year special. Many people are hesitant to spend money this time of year (especially if you’re primarily in a B2C field), so make it worth their while to commit now rather than putting it off for a month or two.

If you do more B2B sales, now is a great time to reach out to your contacts as they’ll also be looking at their own yearly goals. Emphasize how your startup can help them get their year off to a great start as well.

With a little smart thinking and a lot of initiating contact, you can start 2016 off with a bang and be well on your way to reaching your 2016 sales goals.


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