Staying Focused on Your Startup’s Success

In the process of getting your startup off the ground, it can be easy to fall into the trap of being a real people-pleaser. You try so hard to be everything for everyone, ready to do almost anything to bring in the money. The problem is that when you’re pulled in a hundred different directions, you find yourself stretched too thin to really accomplish anything.

Success does not come from honoring every request and attempting every idea. Success comes from having a razor-sharp focus on what will have the best impact on the largest number of your customers.

Chances are, you started this business because you saw a need or an opportunity and you knew you were the right person to meet the challenge. You had a brilliant idea and the means to make it happen. Keep that idea in mind. What is your vision, your mission? What promise have you made to your current and prospective customers? That is where your focus should be, not on the “cool idea” that your best friend’s cousin’s babysitter had about a feature you could add that might bring you ten more customers.

Even when you’re just starting out and your startup is small, you should have an eye on the future. Getting a few extra dollars from a few extra customers right now is great, but are you really making the best use of your initial investment and your development time by trying every little thing that could possibly bring in money now? I believe that it’s wiser to invest in your future, to build a robust company that will continue to serve your ever-growing core of loyal customers, those who were drawn to your initial idea and not to what else it could have been.

Of course, that’s not to say that you can’t take customer feedback into consideration. If the majority of your customers are saying “I love your match-making app for finding dog walkers so much, I wish I could also use it to find a house sitter!” then that’s something you can consider, because it appeals to your current customer base while potentially bringing new customers in. But if only one guy is saying “I love this dog walker app but I wish it also alerted me to charity car washes” you can probably just ignore him and let someone else develop that car wash notification app.

It takes more than a good idea and hard work to succeed in business. You need focus, too, and the willingness to let go of the idea that you can be everything to everyone all the time.


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