Is Your Sales Team Reinforcing Your Brand?

Chances are, your sales team has the most interaction with your tech company’s target audience. Sure, marketing gets your message out there, but sales seals the deal through direct communication with current and potential customers in your market segment. As such, it’s key that sales is making a clear statement about your brand.

As in so many things, consistency is important with branding. All pitches and sales communications should consistently use your current branding. Your logos and taglines should be prominently displayed, perhaps worked into your signature lines.

Speaking of signature lines, look for little details. Is everyone on the sales team consistent in how they display the company name? Using our company as an example, there’s a lot of possible variations: Ani Marketing Service, ANI Marketing Services, AMS… It may be helpful to set up a template for your signatures that includes the logo, company name and slogan, and have your sales team just plug in their own name and phone number.

Make sure this branding is also consistently displayed not just on your website and print collateral, but all of your social media accounts, so that when your employees state that they’re employed by you on LinkedIn and Facebook, your presence there reinforces the branding displayed in their communications.

Stress to your sales team the importance of always, always being consistent about using branding, even when they get really excited about a lead and decide to put together some marketing materials on their own rather than waiting for the marketing team to do it. Branding should be on their mind in every interaction.

This is especially important in the tech industry, where so much communication is done via email or social media, and where you may not even be selling a physical item that carries the mark of your branding. With every digital interaction, you’re reinforcing your brand identity and strengthening your customers’ impression of your company. The more strongly they identify with your brand, the more quickly you’ll come to mind the next time they have to make a purchasing decision.

With a little extra attention to detail and an eye towards consistency, your sales team can work to reinforce your brand every day.


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