Is Your Internal Communication as Good as Your Outbound Communication?

Chances are, your tech company has a great newsletter that marketing sends out to all of your customers. But how is your internal communication looking? Are you putting as much care into keeping your team informed as you are to reaching out to your clients?

The technology sector is known for companies that see meteoric growth, which can often result in a breakdown in communications. Whether you’re already huge or you’re just getting started, be smart about your internal communication policies in order to keep everyone on the same page.

The good news is, you have a lot of tech-savvy people at your disposal. You’re smart enough to whip up an internal newsletter that uses the same technology as your outbound newsletter, but geared towards keeping everyone within the company up-to-date on marketing initiatives, new product launches, policy changes and more.

As with any newsletter, the key is to make sure that your internal missives are something that people actually want to read. Make them informative, witty, and brief. You want to keep everyone informed, without taking up too much of the valuable time they could be using to develop new products or sell them to new customers. You also want to make sure that the real important information is prominently featured and not bogged down under a lot of minor details.

Have a structure in place for these messages as well. Decide who should send what when. Will there be one big newsletter that goes out to everyone in the company, or will each department have their own team newsletter? Maybe both? Weekly updates seem to be best, as they make sure that everyone is pretty up-to-date, without being as time-intensive as sending out a daily internal email blast.

Although it takes some time to set up and produce regular internal communications, this investment in time pays you back in increased productivity as employees don’t have to search or ask around for important information. It may even help employee morale, if you have an especially entertaining and engaging company newsletter. You can think of it as one more expression of your company culture and proceed accordingly. Put one of your most creative marketing people in charge of it to make sure it sparkles.

Remember, your employees are just as valuable as your customers, so make your internal communications as important as your external ones.


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