Empower Your Team to Bring Your Vision to Life

As your technology company grows, it can begin to feel bogged-down by processes, and by lack of communication between your various teams. When this happens, it’s important to go back to your initial vision for your company and examine how you can empower everyone, from the newest hire up to the C-level executives, to bring that vision to life.

Think about what role each department in your company plays. How do they contribute to furthering your vision? How can you give management the tools they need to help their teams reach their goals? How can you make your employees feel like their effort is important and appreciated?

It’s important to listen to what your team is saying. What are their ideas for how you can make better use of their time, skills, and resources? Look for reasonable suggestions that you can implement from within. If your employees and management believe in the company’s vision and the products you create, they’ll want to help you realize that vision.

You want each person at your company to feel like they have the authority and responsibility to do the right thing. They should feel empowered to make decisions that are in line with the company’s vision, without having to go through a lot of bureaucratic red tape to get that decision authorized. Think about how you can give your employees the power to be decisive and take action in ways that will help you succeed.

A note for those of you just starting out: If your technology company is still small, now is the time to develop a vision and a plan that will help you stay mobile as you grow! Make sure you’re recruiting a team that believes in your vision, and that you put into place the policies that will empower everyone to further that vision no matter how big your company gets.

Too many technology companies don’t take this advice to heart, and they lose their ability to innovate as they grow too big and too burdened down by the weight of what they’ve already accomplished. Don’t let this happen to you – unless, of course, your vision is to grow to be the next tech giant, scooping up your tiny competitors and bringing their innovations into the fold!

Whether your goal is to remain innovative or to be the next trend spotter, your team should feel empowered to help you bring that vision to life.


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