How Would You Sell Healthcare to Yourself?

Empathy is an important tool in sales, doubly so in healthcare sales. If you want to know how to reach your target market, imagine how you would want someone to sell healthcare to you. What are your wants, your primary concerns? How would you want those to be addressed?

In sales, we often talk about addressing the client’s pain points. It’s a cute phrase that gives you an immediate idea of what it means, but it’s important to remember that our healthcare clients have literal pain points. They may be worried about the expense of getting their healthcare needs met, or they may be worried about living in pain while they wait to be seen by a specialist. They may quite literally be in actual, physical pain while you’re trying to sell to them, so come at them from a place of compassion.

If you imagine how you would feel in their situation, overwhelmed by the options and just looking for the best solution, it can help you realize the best way to sell them exactly what they need. Cut through the clutter and get down to the meat of it: “This is what we offer, this is what it costs, these are the options that I think are best for your needs. Now what questions can I answer for you?”

The important thing is to listen. We all want to feel like we’re heard. No one ever likes to be talked over, and just offered the most expensive options. We want the option that best serves our needs, whether we’re buying health insurance or tennis shoes or a new car. So listen to your customers, answer their questions, let them feel heard.

What are the most important things for you when making a purchasing decision? For me, it’s to feel like I have all the facts in front of me, that I have a chance to discuss the options with my husband without the salesperson hovering over us, and that I don’t feel rushed or pressured into a decision. Maybe you prefer to get a personal recommendation from the salesperson. Or maybe you do all of your research online, and come in with a decision already made and want to get the deal done as quickly as possible. Whatever you prefer, you want the sales staff to accommodate you. So when you’re making a sale, remember to be flexible and adapt your approach to your customers’ purchasing style.

Sometimes, all you really need is a little empathy.


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