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Empower Your Team to Bring Your Vision to Life

As your technology company grows, it can begin to feel bogged-down by processes, and by lack of communication between your various teams. When this happens, it’s important to go back to your initial vision for your company and examine how … Continue reading

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How Would You Sell Healthcare to Yourself?

Empathy is an important tool in sales, doubly so in healthcare sales. If you want to know how to reach your target market, imagine how you would want someone to sell healthcare to you. What are your wants, your primary … Continue reading

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The Reality of Facebook

I recently chatted with a couple of friends, who I hadn’t seen in a long time.  In spite of the ups and downs that life usually brings to all of us, I was happy to hear that they were doing … Continue reading

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The Many Benefits of Partnerships in Healthcare

Does your healthcare company currently have any partnerships with other providers? You should. They’re an incredibly smart decision from a co-marketing point of view, as well as making life easier for your patients. Let me give you a real-life example … Continue reading

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Walking the Fine Healthcare Line

The healthcare industry has a fine line to walk, between what makes good business sense from a fiscal point of view, and what is best for the health of its patients. Carefully balancing these two needs is the key to … Continue reading

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Mind the Gap!

This week’s tip for startup success: look for the gaps in what your competition offers, and find a way to fill it. Then make sure your audience knows that you’ve got their previously-unaddressed needs covered. So where do you start? … Continue reading

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