Are You Investing in Your Customers?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: technology customers are a savvy crowd. They know what they want, both in terms of products and service. The question is, are you poised to give them what they want?

The deal isn’t done after the sale is made, and as the president, your job is to establish a corporate culture that acknowledges this. Your sales, marketing, and support teams should be in touch with the customers, making sure that your products are performing better than promised and exceeding customer expectations.

Remember that your customers aren’t just a revenue stream, they’re also a valuable source of information about how your products work in the real world. When you communicate with your customer base, you might be surprised by the innovative ways people are using your products, and that may inspire you to make changes in future releases, or just shift the focus of your marketing to acknowledge this versatility.

Likewise, if there’s an unexpected design flaw, bug or other problem, your customers can provide data on the issue and help you find a fix, while you take steps to ensure they remain satisfied and loyal in the face of this temporary setback.

When you engage with your customers, you make them feel valued and like they are part of a community. Social media makes this easy – if you have employees dedicated to monitoring your company’s Facebook and other social media profiles, they can address customer comments as they come in, thanking people for their positive comments and helping people with negative comments find the right person to talk to in order to have their needs met. In the meantime, your customers will also be able to interact with each other, discussing your products (and developing valuable word of mouth buzz while they’re at it!).

Investing time and company resources in staying in touch with your customers will help you thrive in the competitive technology market.


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