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Who Are Your Best Brand Evangelists?

When marketing a startup, you have to focus a lot of energy trying to cultivate a strong word-of-mouth buzz. While courting customers to serve as brand evangelists, don’t overlook the most passionate supporters of your company: your happy employees. It … Continue reading

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Reach out and . . .

Recently, I was watching 2 colleagues of mine chat about some business.  When one of them really wanted the other one to ‘listen’, she reached out and lightly touched his arm for emphasis.  That gesture changed the whole tone of the … Continue reading

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Make it Memorable

In technology sales, it’s important to make your pitch memorable. You might think that the key is simple repetition, but the truth is that if you repeat the same value proposition over and over again, eventually your customers are going … Continue reading

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Are You Investing in Your Customers?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: technology customers are a savvy crowd. They know what they want, both in terms of products and service. The question is, are you poised to give them what they want? The … Continue reading

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