How to Use Events for Healthcare Marketing

If your healthcare company is looking for a more direct way to connect with current and potential clients, events are the way to go. Nothing can quite replace the power of a face-to-face interaction and real-time interaction.

There are four basic categories of events you should consider participating in: industry events, community events, hosting your own event, and virtual events. Let’s look at the benefits of each.

Industry Events

If you work primarily in B2B marketing, your organization may benefit the most from participating in industry events such as conferences and conventions. This is a great place to meet new clients and forge new partnerships, as well as staying abreast of the latest developments in your industry, and bragging about any advancements your company has made.

Community Events

These can run the gamut from fun runs, health festivals, cultural celebrations, county fairs and more. Community events allow healthcare businesses with a B2C focus to establish themselves as just another part of the community. This is a good opportunity to give away leave-behinds, whether it’s brochures full of health tips or a useful item with your logo on it.

Fun runs and other charity athletic events are especially relevant for the healthcare industry, as many of them raise money and awareness for specific diseases and health issues. Participating in these events lets you support a good cause, while also reaching out to a section of the community that is health-conscious and cares about the well-being of others.

Hosting Events

Whether you have a B2B or B2C focus, don’t discount the value of hosting your own event! This can be a party or award ceremony for your industry, or an open house for your community. While organizing an entire event is generally more work than participating in someone else’s event, there are definite benefits to doing it yourself. You control the message, and the focus is on your organization.

Virtual Events

Although in-person interactions are a powerful marketing tool, you should consider participating in virtual events as well. While they could probably merit a blog post on their own, I’d like to touch on them briefly here. Online events allow you to reach a wide audience, and have the benefit of being easily repurposed — the content from a live webinar or virtual conference could later be shared as video clips, or you can present the entire event as a video or audio recording to be viewed again and again.

Whether you want to host your own webinar, or look for opportunities to be interviewed on a popular webcast, there are many options for participating in virtual events. You could even host a virtual health fair, or an on-line celebration for a new product launch.

Of course, a big benefit of hosting your own virtual events if that they can often be more affordable and easier to produce, as they don’t require a large physical space, catering, and the other concerns of an in-person event.

In Conclusion…

No matter what sort of event you choose to participate in, you’ll enjoy the same results. You’re increasing your exposure, reaching new people, and establishing yourself as a visible and active member of your industry and community. You’ll have the chance to interact with your peers and your customers, to forge valuable connections.

Has your healthcare business participated in events in the past? Have you hosted your own event? Please tell us about your experience!


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