Word of Mouth – The Original Viral Marketing

Everyone wants to go viral. When you see the success of campaigns like last year’s Ice Bucket Challenge, you might wonder how to harness the power of viral marketing for your healthcare organization. Maybe you’ve even got the marketing department working on a video campaign right now… But don’t forget the power of the original viral marketing: word of mouth.

As the president of a healthcare organization, you’re in a powerful position to determine how people think of you, and by extension, your company. You can take an active role in shaping your organization’s reputation, and you won’t even have to worry about stepping on marketing’s toes — although you’ll want to check in with marketing first, just to make sure that your efforts are in line with their efforts, and that you’re all sharing the same message.

The key is to stay in touch with your customers, and your connections in the industry. Be connected, and be involved. There are many ways you can do this, whether through social media, blog posts, newsletters, or even in-person events such as fundraisers. Wherever you meet people, serve as the public face of your organization – and make sure it’s a face people like to see!

A kind word or a good deed goes a long way, especially when it’s performed by the president of the company. A compassionate blog post or newsletter shows that you are a real human being, and that you care. Interacting with your customers via social media shows that you are involved in the every day workings of your company, and that you’re aware of your market’s needs… not just as an abstract concept, but on an individual basis as well.

Too often, customers think of the healthcare industry as a soulless machine, uncaring in the face of its customers’ ill health or sudden injuries. You can be another cog in the machine, or you can show that your company has a soul. Which will it be?


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