Simplify Your Pharma Sales Pitch

When you know your newest drug is good, you want everyone to know it! As such, it’s easy to fall into a trap of trying to share every great thing about your product in a single pitch, leaving your potential clients overwhelmed and unsure of what you’re trying to sell.

With so much competition in the field of pharmaceutical sales, you want doctors to know why your new drug is better than anything else in the field, what conditions it treats, how minimal the side effects are, how much it will improve their patients’ lives, the years of research that went into it, the results of the clinical trials…

While that’s all great information, you run the risk of throwing out so many data points that everything becomes jumbled together. As with so many other areas of life and business, the goal is to keep it simple!

As you prepare your sales pitch for each new drug, ask yourself what the key takeaways should be. What do you want to really stick in the clients mind, if they remember nothing else? Is it the most effective? Is it an exciting new treatment for a previously under-served condition? Does it have less harsh side effects? Limit yourself to no more than three key takeaways, and make sure they’re strong, memorable, and positive.

Now when you go in to present, you’ll seem collected and organized. You know what the focus of your sales pitch is. You know the greatest strengths of your product. Of course, you should be prepared to address a few things outside of your key takeaways, either by having a short Q&A period at the end, or by providing a well-designed leave-behind that covers any of the more technical details that clients will want time to pursue at their leisure.

As an added benefit, not only will your pitches be strong and focused, but over time you’ll likely develop a formula for how to approach them, so future sales campaigns will be quicker and easier to organize. Simplifying your pharmaceutical sales pitch will lead to greater efficiency and improved numbers!


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