Prioritize Your Way to Better Productivity

When you work in healthcare marketing, you have to wear many hats. The scope of coverage is increasing and diversifying, while regulations keep changing which causes a near-constant shift of priorities. You need to keep your eye on the ball, but it can be difficult when you’re trying to be everything for everyone.

Rather than striving to make everyone happy, focus on the most important aspects of your job and prioritize those. When you know what your priorities are, you can more easily make decisions about what needs to get done ASAP, what can be put off, and what actually doesn’t need to be done at all.

But how do you determine your priorities? First, set three main objectives for yourself. Chances are, you already have a pretty good idea of what aspects of your job are most important, and what your company needs most for marketing right now. So distill those concepts into three very clear objectives.

Now that you know what your objectives are, take a look at your task list and pick out the items that will be easy and have an immediate effect on your goals. Do those first! Completing an easy but important task will give you the motivation to complete another task, and then another. Prioritize every task you’re given based on how big of an impact it will have on your three top objectives.

Using this new method means some things won’t get done, and that’s OK. If they weren’t in line with your core objectives, they weren’t key to the company’s success and as such, you didn’t really need to do them. It’s important to accept the fact that your job is to follow your healthcare company’s marketing plan. As long as you’re doing that, it doesn’t matter if you didn’t have time to research some new avenue that someone from sales or management thought might be interesting.

For that matter, don’t be afraid to delegate. Hand off small, simple tasks to a junior employee or intern. If you don’t have an intern, maybe it’s time to lobby for one.

Over time, your objectives may change. New healthcare regulations may arise, the scope of your coverage may shift. The key is to always limit yourself to only three objectives! If a new priority arises, you have to take a hard look at your three current objectives and see which if any of them can be shelved. Do not ever compromise on this, or soon you’ll find yourself dealing with 6 or 7 key objectives and you’ll be right back where you started!

Do you have any other methods that you find help you to prioritize your tasks? If so, please share them in the comments!


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