The Power of a Good Email Blast

An email blast from the president of a technology firm is a great way to communicate with your partners and customers, and it instills confidence in your team, your products, and your company.

When composing your email blast, aim for a tone that is professional and positive, without veering into over-the-top enthusiasm. You want to convey a sense of confidence while not coming on too strong. These emails are an ideal way to share a top-up view of the company, giving some insight into the inner workings and future plans of your tech company.

Think of your eblast as a chance to reflect on where your company is going, and what is most important to share with your customers. In addition to sharing business strategy and news about product developments, think about mentioning new hires as a way of showing that your company is growing.

Make your blast a regularly scheduled occurrence. Ideally, you’ll want to send it out monthly or quarterly – a weekly update from the president will obviously take too much time away from your other work!

Not sure how to compose your email blast? Contact us for help!


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