Differentiators Make a Difference in Healthcare

When you go on a sales call, are you leaving your potential clients with a clear image of what sets your healthcare company apart from the rest? Make sure to work your differentiator into your presentation, whether it’s in the form of a short tagline that will stick in their heads, or a professional elevator pitch that impresses everyone with how well you know your product.

For example, every hospital and doctor’s office hears pitches from dozens of pharmaceutical reps. What is it about your product that sets you apart? Are you more effective than the competition? More affordable? Does your new drug offer less side effects than the current leading treatment? Doctors will want to know why they should consider subscribing your product, especially if there are other, well-established products already on the market.

A strong verbal leave-behind or a cool give-away that focuses on your company’s differentiators will make a good impression on every doctor you speak to. Ideally, it should tie in with your company’s marketing and branding strategy, so that you are consistent across the board.


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