Keep your Healthcare Company Informed with Newsletters

Once you have a strong marketing strategy for your healthcare company, it’s important to not just put it out there for the general public, but to make sure that the entire company knows about the campaign. Internal communication is key to ensure that everyone from the CEO to the newest intern is in the loop.

Marketing should send out a regular newsletter to the entire company sharing the latest campaign, customer stories, updates from the CEO, and more. Whatever is new and exciting for your healthcare company, it should be in the newsletter. As you start to build up your brand differentiators which are so critical the implementation  of the Affordable Care Act, you want to express that both externally and internally. You can also use your newsletter to announce everything from an industry award the company has just received to congratulating the softball team on their win.

Your newsletter should have a predictable update schedule (quarterly, monthly, or even weekly if your company generates a lot of news) and should match the company’s branding. Instead of a plain text newsletter, send out a nicely-designed email that incorporates your logo and mission statement as well as any other relevant graphics and marketing information.

A well-crafted newsletter with an appropriately breezy but professional tone will not only keep the entire company up-to-date on the latest news and marketing strategy, but will also help improve employee morale and make them feel more informed and involved.


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