Clever Leave-Behind Ideas for Your B2C Sales Force

Have you considered leave-behinds for your startup? The ideal leave-behind should be a small, useful item that your potential customers will want to keep using. The obvious example would be ink pens, of course. How many branded pens do you have on your desk or in your briefcase right now? Small items are also easy for your sales team to carry with them in case of an impromptu meeting. Just make sure everyone on the team has the same great leave-behinds.

The best option is something that reminds the client not just of your business, but of the products or services that you offer. A fledgeling micro-brewery might consider a bottle opener emblazoned with their logo. A pet sitting service or dog walker could give out branded tennis balls, so that every time the client plays fetch with Fido, they think of you. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and your ability to find an affordable source for that perfect leave-behind.

Another possibility for some start-ups would be to leave behind a sample of your product or services. Graphic design firms are encouraged to create mini portfolios or booklets to leave with clients. A bakery would be well-served to leave a plate of their cookies. Don’t just tell your potential customers how good you are, leave them with proof!

What’s the best leave-behind you’ve ever seen? Do you have any that you’ve kept for years?


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