Smart Leave-Behind Strategy for B2B Sales

Leave behinds are an important tool for any startup’s sales force. A business card tells potential clients who you are, but you should also leave them with a sample of what your company can do for them.

Within the tech industry, a great example would be to provide a trial-version of your startup’s software. Whether you provide it on a thumbdrive (branded with your logo, preferably) or give them a card with a download code is up to you. What matters is that they’ll be able to explore your product at leisure and show it to others within the company.

In this way, you’re practically letting your products sell themselves. You give the initial pitch and build interest, then let the client use the software on their own. Let them see how the various features of your software work best within the framework of their business’s needs. Soon enough they’ll be calling you to purchase the full version!

Trial versions are a practical and affordable leave-behind. Your dev team has already done the work of creating the software, now it’s up to the sales team to give the client a sample of what it can do.


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