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Clever Leave-Behind Ideas for Your B2C Sales Force

Have you considered leave-behinds for your startup? The ideal leave-behind should be a small, useful item that your potential customers will want to keep using. The obvious example would be ink pens, of course. How many branded pens do you … Continue reading

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Smart Leave-Behind Strategy for B2B Sales

Leave behinds are an important tool for any startup’s sales force. A business card tells potential clients who you are, but you should also leave them with a sample of what your company can do for them. Within the tech … Continue reading

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A Sanity Check

I recently retraced my steps for 15 minutes, looking for a hair clip that was still on my head — no joke.  During my search, I walked by a number of people who tried to help me find the clip, … Continue reading

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How Marketing Databases Can Help Your Startup Grow.

A robust database can help your startup’s marketing department make the best use of time and money, ensuring that each campaign is directed at the perfect segment of your customer base. Knowing which customers to target is crucial to helping … Continue reading

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Value-Added Services add Value to YOUR Business

In technology firms, it is easy for the sales team to provide the bare minimum of service to customers. The extra effort to go above standard calls and faxes can go a long way for your business, though. Your sales … Continue reading

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