Tips on creating a strong relationship between marketing and sales in your technology firm

Aligning the relationship between marketing and sales in your technology organization is vital to the business’s success. It is easy to fall into a rivalry between the two, with sales complaining about the quality of the leads that marketing provides, and marketing complaining about sales not following up on their leads.

First of all, both sales and marketing need to remember that the customer is who they’re trying to please, not themselves. Technology customers can be finicky and need all of the support they can get. By putting the customer first, the two sides can create more of a teamwork mindset, as opposed to the rivalry.

Next, as in any relationship, communication is key. If the sales team truly isn’t happy with the leads marketing is sending their way, they need to speak up and explain why. The two teams need to make sure that they are cohesive and on the same page, especially with the complex technology market.

Last, put both of these steps together to collaborate. This is a vital step to make sure that both marketing and sales are working towards the same goal and are on the same page. Not only will your teams begin to function together, they will start to encourage each other to help meet the firm’s aspirations.


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