Writing from your customer’s perspective

Writing in the Healthcare Industry

When it comes to healthcare marketing, it’s easy to fall into the mode of using technical language. Industry communication can be overwhelmingly full of insurance codes or pharmaceutical phrases, and emails, social media posts, and newsletters can be colloquial without reinforcing your company’s value. This approach doesn’t cater to your readers/buyers, which leads to ineffective promotion and business strategies.

It’s important to remember to write these materials in the perspective of the consumer, rather than from the healthcare provider’s viewpoint. Your customers will have a tough time understanding your message if its full of specialized language, so be sure to have simple, clear communication throughout your materials. Breaking down terms into reader-friendly language is a great way to increase the engagement of your target market.  Also make sure that you have a content plan that targets key messages and personas to ensure that your audience understands what you do, why you do it, and why you’re better than everyone else.


Laura Waggoner, Marketing Consultant

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