Healthcare as a business

Businesses in healthcare require a new type of direction.  In the past, relationships and referrals were everything.  Today that’s still true, but consumer marketing is becoming more and more important if you want to be an organization with long term sustainable growth.

Successful consumer marketing means that you need to know your company’s differentiator in contrast to your competition. Are you more personal?  More available?  Better priced?  Make sure you identify your true unique strength and then promote it.

Promotion can be high end, like broadcast  or pay per click advertising, or it can be low end like in-package, in-office, or direct mail advertising.  Regardless of your method, it’s important to promote your brand and to supplement it with some sort of tagline that reinforces your brand value.

By keeping your promotion simple and clear, your company will stand out and attract the right kinds of people, increasing customer satisfaction, consumer referrals, and a strong revenue base.

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