Trying New Technologies

A friend and I recently figured out how to send voicemail texts to each other — super cool and really fun.  Of course we were only arranging dinner plans, and I’m sure there were much faster ways to do that.  So as neat as it was to learn the technology, it wasn’t the most efficient way to communicate and I haven’t tried it since.

Surprisingly this happens more often than I expect, when I invest time to figure something out and then never really use it.  That is when I have to remind myself that learning a new thing can be more for my personal interest and development than my work productivity.

Fortunately I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who does things because they’re interesting or trendy.  For example, I know a number of people who love being on LinkedIn.  They enjoy learning and “talking the talk”, and when they regularly interact by posting, engaging, and sharing, these folks not only have fun but also benefit from brand recognition and industry credibility.  There’s a large amount of value derived from this investment of time, especially if those are the expectations.

I also think that users expect their LinkedIn presence to drive business, which is how they might get disappointed.  Basic LinkedIn is really for branding, not revenue-generation.  However, if you want to generate sales, the best way to do this is to supplement your regular social media engagement with aggressive short-term sales campaigns which dictate a clear call to action – buy now, register here, call us, etc.  These are separate, more focused initiatives that build on your existing reputation.  So if you are expecting direct sales from LinkedIn, then make sure you are running the appropriate campaigns beyond the traditional, fun method of engagement.  Otherwise you’ll never meet your expectations.

The bottom line?  Trying new things should be fun and exciting.  If you can get additional longer term benefits from them, that’s even better.  Just make sure you match your actions with your expectations, so that you don’t end up being disappointed with the results.

If you need help optimizing your new technologies, please give us a call!

All my best, Aruna


“Technology is ruled by two types of people: those who manage what they do not understand and those who understand what they do not manage.”

~  Mike Trout ~

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