Marketing for Startups

There seems to be a difference in startup environments, depending on geographies:  San Francisco is booming, Denver is stable, New York is cautious, and London is emerging.  Regardless of the regional reputation, all startup companies need some basic branding. It doesn’t have to be an expensive investment, but each startup company should be able to describe its culture in three words and that should be reflected in its logo, colors, and designs.  Additionally, this brand identity should be reflected consistently across everything—emails, presentations, websites, literature, etc.  Also, if the company name does not clearly describe what the company does, then there should be a tagline that does.

These branding consistencies have an impact on the market place and will reinforce the recognition of the company name, which is very helpful for new sales or additional funding.  It’s never too early or too late to perform an audit of company collateral to ensure that the image is exactly what it should be.  Now’s a great time to start.


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