New Year, New Business

I know a lot about social media– I’ve been on Facebook since the year of its inception, I’ve managed community accounts for many a small business, and I keep up to date on the latest changes and tweaks to every system. I can also type 90wpm, which comes in handy when your job is based in messaging.

Unfortunately, no amount of wordsmithing prowess can prepare us for what we will really need to know how to do in 2015, and what we really should have figured out how to do already– create basic visual content.

2014 was the year of visual content on social media, from infographics to quote photos, GIFs to memes, and more. At one point this year, Twitter released data showing that quotes with images generated 35 PERCENT more tweets than standard text-based tweets!

There is plenty of blog content out there that will help us all begin this journey, like this post with “15 Helpful Resources for Using Images on Social Media” on Constant Contact’s blog. There’s also

9 Tools to Make Quote Photos

25 Sites for Creating Interesting Quote Images

10 Free Tools for Creating Infographics

How to Make Animated GIFs with Photoshop

Or, if you’re a physical-space-learner, find a program where you can take a one-time class in Photoshop or Illustrator.

In NYC, is extremely popular for one-off classes and longer training courses.

In NYC, Chicago, and Los Angeles, find classes through

So good luck, happy new year, and let us know (or show us) how any of these programs work out for you!

Sharon Bruce
Marketing Consultant

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