2014: What Will You Remember?

When you work in marketing, you’re constantly thinking and talking about memories. Every project you work on needs to be memorable. Every tweet or post needs to be memorable. Every piece of advice traded across your network is centered around how to make your page, your post, your brand– more memorable.

For marketers, 2014 will probably be remembered as “the year of the Facebook algorithm change.” According to Facebook, the change “better highlights quality content,” or shows “the right content to the right people at the right time.” Of course, assuming you are the one in charge of your Facebook account, meaning you have selected the Pages you wish to follow, then you have already selected the content you would consider “quality.” Facebook claims “For most Pages, the impact should be relatively small”– but of course we all know this didn’t end up being the case. Most small business Pages now have little to no reach whatsoever. To “show the right content to the right people at the right time,” you must pay to boost your post. And money is always memorable!

What else will we remember from this year? Here are a few recaps from the world’s top social media sites:

Facebook celebrates “The Moments That Connect Us” in a series of videos and top-10 lists

2014 video

Run through what the Twitter-verse thought was most memorable, and consider the year from the perspectives of Twitter’s most major influencers in this 2014 recap:

 twitter pic

Mashable has created a top list of top lists of 2014– including best gifs, 17 worst selfies,      19 best drone photos, and more. Check out the best Vines of 2014 here:

mashable pic
What will you remember most?


Sharon Bruce
Marketing Consultant

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