A picture, on social media, really is worth a thousand words.

Ask any social media guru and they will all (okay, most likely) confirm– any information you want to communicate via social media is best communicated through visual means. Photos, infographics, ecards, videos, quote graphics, all make for the ideal content in an online world where “scroll” has replaced the word “read.” Who spends time reading every single Facebook post in their newsfeed? More likely, you are scrolling through, eyes darting back and forth as you search for those few pieces of content that catch your eye. Which will you notice– a close-up of your friend’s engagement ring shining on her left hand…







email picture   Random Facebook Friend
8 August 2014 at 9:30PM New York, NY
Hooray I’m so excited Michael just proposed! Picture of the ring coming later…
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If you chose the second, stop being such a contrarian! In poll after poll and survey after survey, statistics prove just how much engagement is driven by images. One Facebook page, MTV Roadies found that posting multiple photos actually increased clicks by 1290%! The marketing tactic’s success is described here:

When you post a single photo, a fan sees everything right from the single thumbnail
in their newsfeed. But when you post multiple photos, Facebook automatically
converts it to an album and shows a main image, and thumbnails for the
first 3 photos.
Fans were curious to see the rest of the photos, so they clicked on
the posts.

Photos make people curious, spark their imagination, make them want more, and create a gut reaction. A friend of mine who is an avid Instagram poster will often cross-post to Facebook, but I have noticed her Instagram posts consistently receive more engagement. Her last post garnered 29 likes and 6 comments on Instagram, versus 21 likes and 2 comments on Facebook. Facebook and Twitter may be the more popular platforms in terms of usage, but search “Which social media platform has the highest engagement rate?” and you’ll come across articles like this one on Business Insider, this one on Forrester’s blog, and this one on Social Media Examiner  that tell you Instagram is the homecoming queen of engagement, making visual marketing king.

So next time, instead of posting a note about “how happy” you were to meet someone new, attend a conference, or win an award, post a picture that clearly represents the emotion instead. We may be interacting from behind a computer, but we’re still human (…for now), and we still want to see you smile!


Sharon Bruce
Marketing Consultant

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