Developing Your Social Media Presence: Twitter

Last week our Marketing Consultant, Jordan Hardy, discussed how businesses new to digital marketing can develop their online presence. In an insightful post titled “Managing Your Social Media Strategy,” Hardy explains:

The AMS team has found that conquering one beast at a time is the most effective strategy.  Spend one month focusing on your Twitter account, for example, and engaging your audience with a limited number of characters.  When you have achieved measurable successes, write down your process, and perhaps move on to connecting with people via pictures and quotes on Pinterest…

Strategy: the easiest piece to neglect when entering into the world of social media. It all seems intuitive– you sign up, you follow some friends or businesses you like. You post a thought, a picture, a link, and get your first 30 followers. You keep posting, but the follows slow. You peak at about 150 and start to question: Why doesn’t anyone like me? Why don’t they like my business? You’re asking a lot of questions, but are they the right ones to ask?

As Hardy suggests, start by focusing in on “one beast at a time.” For today’s post, we’ll talk Twitter. Get through the basics first– do your research and figure out the purpose of hashtags and the meaning of “RT” (fine, it means “retweet,” you get that one for free today). If you’ve done all this already, you’re doing great! Just don’t make the mistake of believing that knowing “how to” is equivalent to strategizing around “how to.”

The best strategy for any social media use involves knowing the key differences between the platform you are currently engaging with and all the other options. Type “Twitter vs. Facebook” into your search bar, for instance, and you’ll come across great articles like this one by that will teach you a vital fact about posting on Twitter versus posting on Facebook– it’s less about what you post than about how and when you post it. Twitter is one consistently streaming feed, and the more folks you follow, the faster your feed will move (i.e. the faster your post will move down and away from the eyes of your followers, depending on how many users they follow). On Twitter, you need to build a strategy around numbers. Creating your own content to post is great, but it’s not enough if you want to stay visible. Build your brand around other users’ content: teach your followers about you by re-tweeting relevant posts, and participating in conversations with a particular hashtag (like #shoutout or #followfriday). The more you engage on Twitter, the more others will see and engage with you. Building a strategy around the particularities of a platform is absolutely necessary if you want to build your brand’s presence.

So spend a month developing your Twitter account before moving on to the next site, but balance your time between posting and researching the most effective ways to post. Social media only feels like a “beast” when you haven’t taken the time to train it.


Sharon Bruce
Marketing Consultant

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