The Metro

I love the NYC subway; it’s really a great cross section of the city—from movie stars to the homeless—and everything in between.  The passengers also entertain themselves in many ways—music, people-watching, games, reading—and they represent a range of ethnicities and languages.  It reminds me that we all think and communicate in different ways, and although we generally surround ourselves by people who are similar to us, if we want to be ‘successful’, we should know how to connect with others who are not like us.

In a marketing context, this means using multi-media communications.  So for those of you with a robust budget, that’s a combination of broadcast, print, and digital (online/web-based initiatives).  This gives prospects the opportunity to hear, see, and read your ‘message’.  If you are on a tighter budget, then digital is the most cost-effective option, but even then you should be diverse on how you communicate.  There are inexpensive DIY (Do It Yourself) options for videos, images, infographics, bullets, and traditional paragraphs.  Each of these options will resonate with a different type of persona, and unless all of your buyers are identical (which is unlikely), then you should try to incorporate a healthy variety of these techniques for your materials.  Remember though, your message still needs to be cohesive, so that your prospect understands what they’re getting at a glance.  Then they should have the opportunity to drill down/link/email/call for more detailed information.

Successful communication is providing your audience with information in a form that they can collectively understand.  Good marketers do this by knowing their audiences and targeting effective messages to all the segments within each audience.

If you need help identifying your market needs and how to reach those markets, call us.  We’ve been riding a lot of metros and know our way around town.


Look forward to hearing from you!

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“To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.”

~Tony Robbins~

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