Marketing Case Study: Is it a little too little?

THE OBJECTIVE:  Sell the company
I had a client who started a company that sold a unique inventory software. His exit strategy was to sell the software to another firm. In order to do that, though, he knew he needed more sales and better visibility. So he hired a strong salesperson and a solid marketing person. Then the client hired another good salesperson—more salespeople, more sales, he figured. He also got a better marketing person—maybe the first one didn’t have the right type of expertise. Still not satisfied, the client added one more salesperson, but he couldn’t bring himself to change his marketing person again.

THE PROBLEM:  Need more sales
Now this was a very smart man, and he knew the answer was right in front of him. So he spoke to his sales people, which was often, and they said they needed lots of support because they didn’t have the right marketing collateral. And whenever he spoke to his marketing person, which was not as frequent, the collateral was not ready because there wasn’t enough sales intelligence.

THE SOLUTION:  Use Ani Marketing Service, an objective outside resource
The client decided to buy himself some time by hiring an experienced marketing resource, in the name of Ani Marketing Service. He wanted us to do two things—‘manage’ the sales and marketing team by essentially being the help desk and sharing information between the two groups. Also, since the owner was an operations guy, he wanted something else more tangible from Ani Marketing. He wanted us to produce customer-relevant content for an easy to navigate website.

THE BENEFITS:  The company sold within a year
For approximately three months, Ani Marketing worked ten hours a month to support the sales and marketing team. It may not sound like a lot of time, but at the end of a quarter, the client had a new website map and content, and he solidified his sales and marketing team by adding one more full time marketing person to produce short term collateral for his sales team. Within a year, the client achieved his ultimate objective of selling his company at a good profit.

THE LESSON:  It’s never too little.
Understand your business objective, timeline, and budget. Then use Ani Marketing to get the job done, to keep it focused, and to help bring in more business for your team to handle.


“The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous.”
~ Peter Drucker~

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