Do you have a Blogging Strategy, or are you “Just Winging It”?

Believe it or not, there is an art to blogging.  When you think about it, it’s just another form of advertising.  Whether you’re advertising your life, a product or service you’re looking to grab the attention of a certain type of reader.  But there are a few rules that every blogger should follow, and they’re quite simple.

  1. Engage: First things first, engage from the beginning. You need those readers to get past your topic – make it interesting!
  2. Be Consistent: Post regularly, if your readers love your content, than they’re going to want to see more of it, turn your readers into loyal customers.  The key to a loyal reader is consistency. Whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly or daily, just make sure you’re there when your readers expect you to be.  Think of it as your weekly college class or a therapy session, you expect your college professor or therapist to be there every Tuesday. Well, your readers are expecting you to be there as well.
  3. Guest Post: Guest posting is two fold, if you have a successful business than chances are your opinion is valued and you can share that information with another blog.  Why is this good?  You’re introducing your business and your expertise; therefore you’re going to gain traffic to your own blog.  Second, find a blogger whom you can have guest post on your own blog.  Ask them a series of questions or to write on a specific topic, sharing their expertise, successes, and failures are a great way to gain audience trust.
  4. Update your Blogroll: Looking to gain some interest from other bloggers and readers?  Blogrolls are great traffic boosters.  With every blog and website your listed on  (especially those with high traffic) your chances of getting on a search engines first page are pretty high.  Be sure to follow that unspoken rule, follow those who follow you.
  5. Open those Comments:  Readers are looking to interact.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  Ask a question or add at the end of your post, “Please comment, we’d love to hear from you”…

A blog is a long-term marketing asset that will bring leads to your business.  It creates an area of trust for your readers and a place to be heard.  Remember, make sure your blog is consistent in delivery, well-optimized, rich in content and promoted through other websites & blogs as well as social media sites.

Liz Smith
Marketing Consultant

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