Are you running a successful B2B Social Media Campaign?

Many businesses think of social media as a B2C platform, and why wouldn’t they.  Consumers spend a good portion of their time on social media favoriting, liking, and sharing products they love and use on various networks.

So how does a business create a campaign that will target the businesses they’re looking for?

Define Your Objectives
Defining your objectives and choosing the right channel that will best fit your advertising campaign is your first task.  Our favorite B2B network, by far, is LinkedIn.  LinkedIn’s targeting options makes it one of the easiest to pinpoint your specific audience.

Develop Useful Content
Your campaigns success is based on the content you provide.  Quality over quantity, if you’re just writing to write you will lose your audiences engagement and in return you’ll surely waste precious time and money.  Start slow and build up the momentum, with time the content you deliver will become second nature.

Be Responsive
The purpose of social media is to create meaningful conversation. You need to be ready to respond when called upon.  That window of opportunity is your key to success.

Define and Measure your KPI’s
Social Media isn’t always the easiest to measure.  Check out this article by Carolyn Edgecomb on “8 Social Media KPIs You Should Track and Monitor

With the advances in social marketing, various platforms have given businesses the opportunity to market to their target audiences from B2C to B2B customers.  But with these opportunities there’s always a risk.  Making sure you choose the right platform and testing campaigns is always key.

Liz Loizou-Smith
Marketing Consultant

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