Which Social Network is for Your Business?

There’s no question that social networking is one of the most powerful grounds for online marketing.  They require little to no spending and provide a direct and targeted way to connect and communicate to customers and businesses.

However, jumping into every social media channel there is isn’t the best way to tackle one of the most important factors of your online marketing.  It requires research, dividing your time and resources and your availability to interact to real-time posts.

We’ve all been guilty of spreading ourselves too thin to keep up with the latest, but in doing so you’re only creating more work in the end.  To help avoid the confusion consider the advantages and disadvantages of each network.  Look at where your target audience is most active, study your competitors and see where their success and failures are. Once you’ve figured out which networks are best for your business pace yourself and choose one, test it, perfect it, get it in autopilot and move on to the next network.

Check out this resource guide from money.cnn.com.

Still confused on choosing the right network and creating a schedule that works for you?  Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll let you know which social media network is for your business and where your perfect target audience is.

Liz Smith
Social Media Consultant

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