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Are you running a successful B2B Social Media Campaign?

Many businesses think of social media as a B2C platform, and why wouldn’t they.  Consumers spend a good portion of their time on social media favoriting, liking, and sharing products they love and use on various networks. So how does … Continue reading

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Database Marketing

Database marketing is a form of direct marketing that uses or creates databases (CRM’s) of customers or potential customers in order to promote a product or service or send information that you need everyone to know. A CRM is a … Continue reading

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Email Etiquette

A colleague of mine was recently complaining about a group of people who kept “replying all” with individual  thank you emails — too much inbox clutter.  I knew what he meant, because I also have a ‘scrolling’ inbox  — constantly … Continue reading

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Which Social Network is for Your Business?

There’s no question that social networking is one of the most powerful grounds for online marketing.  They require little to no spending and provide a direct and targeted way to connect and communicate to customers and businesses. However, jumping into … Continue reading

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Grassroots Marketing

Grassroots marketing promotes a product, service or brand by using your personal relationships.  This is a specific group of people who you want to hear your marketing message and will benefit from your products or service.  Many times people you … Continue reading

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