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True story, my dad used to call me a Smurf. He would go so far as to sing “La, la la la la la” when he felt I was Smurfing out as he called it. The biggest problem with creative types in general is their lack of focus. How many times have we been in a presentation or information gathering session so we could help our clients with their needs and suddenly we are listening to a 20 minute story about their kid’s science fair project? I love a good story however, that doesn’t help me to promote a client’s business or services unless it helps me to focus on their concept. How can we help our clients to focus and thereby help ourselves to create a powerful PR Strategy?

We need to do our homework before going into these meetings. Know the client, know the product know the customer. Getting our clients to focus and tell us how they wish to promote themselves is vital to being successful. Take the simple process of going to lunch. Of course there are quite literally hundreds of places we could go to but, how do we decide what we want and then where to go to? A lot of PR and marketing has gone into enticing us to a particular place to eat. In this case restaurants have done their homework and focused on a particular concept. Rarely do people think of the same spot for both pizza and Chinese. Think about lunch today if I say “let’s get soup”, you likely have a specific place jump to mind. If I say “how about a burger?” you also have a spot that you want to go to. Our job is to get our clients’ company to jump into people’s minds in the same manner when they think of the services that they provide. That means focusing on what the client is trying to sell and then trying to figure out whom the customer is and the best way to entice the customer to our client.

Focusing on a particular market means better success at getting that market to use your services. Business owners do not want to leave any stone unturned or likewise leave any possible client out of their strategy. However, the simple truth is by trying to please everyone you up not making anyone happy. Focus on who needs your client the most. What are the clients’ strengths? You wouldn’t use your Pharmacy as a bank because that is not what they specialize in. It is hard for clients to let go of a potential customer but, it is our job to help them focus on which customers will be the best fit.  By focusing on a base they have greater chances of having success with their customers. Happy customers keep coming back. Happy customers tell their friends how great you are. I still buy the same brand of toothpaste after twenty years because I am happy with it.

Liz Smith
Ani Marketing Service
Marketing Consultant

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