Marketing vs. Public Relations

Ani Marketing Service is often asked what the difference between marketing and public relations is.  Marketing is used to support sales efforts, ultimately driving revenue; whereas public relations is used more to promote a product, service, or strategy through public or media-targeted announcements.

Marketing is needed to help a company increase sales and bring brand awareness. This can be done in many different ways.  An email blast to your current database is a great way to let your current and prospective clients know of any new products you may have coming out or a service you may be offering.  Webinars are another great tool that is used to showcase what your company is up to and since this is a free service to the listener many times you will have a large variety of attendees.  Marketers also help their company promote their goods at different tradeshows and conferences often by creating usable content to distribute, helping find fun and unique giveaways that will keep a company in the front of a perspective client’s mind or even helping with any presentations that may be given by the company.

Public relations is often used when you want to get your message out to a specific target group.  This can be done by arranging telephone calls or interviews with the press who will turn around and write an article about your company that may end up in their publication, whether in print or online.  Press releases are often written with the help of the PR team and then picked up by various news wires, once again getting your news out to the correct outlets.

In a perfect world, both the marketing and public relations teams work cohesively together, with the same goal in mind, increasing revenue.  Ani Marketing Service provides both marketing and public relation services, often together, to our clients, helping them reach their sales goals, as well as, bringing awareness to their brands.

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