Nice Guy/Gal, But …

My college friends are going to laugh when they see this.  NGB was what my sorority sisters would say after they had a first date with a nice guy, but he was a little bit boring, which essentially meant they didn’t want to see him again.

Today it’s different.  Meeting a nice guy or gal is a good thing.  In fact, I just had dinner for the first time with someone who I’ve casually known for a few years.  This woman belongs to lots of organizations, personally and professionally, and usually a dinner would mean she wants something from you – a donation or an investment in a new initiative.  I really liked what I knew about this person and also valued the networking opportunity.  Of course, without knowing her expectations, I also was prepared to listen and respond accordingly to the expected request.  You know what, though, there was no “ask”.  Instead, we talked about ourselves and our ambitions and had a fun and relaxed evening.  We also knew we would see each other at future events, so there was no pressure to follow-up.  It was really refreshing to have this type of experience, and it reminded me of a couple of things.

It’s never too late to reach out to someone to connect.  Maybe they respond.  Maybe they don’t.  Either way, at least you know you’ve shared your intent.   It’s great for their egos, and who doesn’t need a little confidence-booster.  Plus it should make it easier for you to reach out again – to the same person or someone else.   Also, this woman instilled my confidence in her.  By not initially asking for something, I became that much more supportive of her, making us stronger allies for the future.  I guess that’s the essence of true networking, right?  With mutual admiration and respect, we can work together and achieve greater levels of success.

I encourage you to reach out to someone you value and ask for a little of their time to just be nice.  You might be surprised at where that connection can take you.

All my best, Aruna

“Personal relationships are always the key to good business.
You can buy networking; you can’t buy friendships.”
~Lindsay Fox~

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