Growing up Being Fun

On a recent trip to the playground my five year old kept asking me to go down the big slide and the merry go round with her. It has been years since I have ran holding a merry-go-round and jumped on it. What convinced me to do it after over 25 years of no longer being on a playground as a kid? My daughter said “c’mon, it’s fun.” It was fun, I didn’t fall and all of her friends loved having an adult spin the merry-go-round since I am faster and stronger than them, for the time being.  We are grown ups and have grown up things to do but, gosh darn it why can’t we still have fun?

Who says being an adult cannot be fun? Who says work is not fun? I happen to be lucky enough to work in a field I do find fun. I get to meet interesting people and work on a diverse set of projects all of which can be fun. I think a key is finding a job you enjoy and, maintaining a good work home balance. Of course enjoying your work is important but, we also need to build in time to allow for the inevitable “You gotta see this article I found while researching”. “OMG, that reminds me of this youtube video I saw a few weeks ago”… in the office. Some of my co-workers have become some of my best friends. One of my co-workers, from a while ago, was my maid of honor at my wedding trust me we had fun in and out of work. Why do we have this idea that work is dull and boring?  It does not have to be it is all in how you approach it. Even stocking shelves can be a lot of fun with the right mentality and the right people.

It has been proven that keeping work fun motivates employees and strengthens productivity. I love the site they have all of these desk toys that you can plug into the USB port of your computer and at one office my boss and I would have random rocket fights. Yes, it was silly but, a lot of fun. We managed to get a lot of work done while dialing down the stress. USB rockets make even finance and state documents fun.

So, how can we be adults, keep our responsibilities and still have fun? My husband likes to race grocery carts with me when we go on a family grocery expedition. Little things like stopping to look at the lobsters, or playing “I Spy” in the aisles make it more fun too. My five year old recently started wanting to make dinner. Sure, it takes a bit longer and we don’t have quite the sophisticated menu as she is not ready for Beef Wellington but, it’s fun and, I can chat with her about her day or whatever is on her mind. I am a control freak with the chores, wanting everything done just so but, I need to let go a bit and allow more fun into the chores. Maybe I will have to go back after the kids are asleep to clean better. I can chop veggies before cooking so my sous chef has things prepared for her and maybe I should show my husband all of that training with the jogging stroller and 70 lbs of kids. I can totally beat him to the car.

Becky Rubin
Marketing Consultant
Ani Marketing Service

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