Learning From All Your Opportunities

Sometimes you get the opportunity to work with a special person.  When I am lucky to enough to be in that position I grab it and squeeze as much information from them as I can, capitalizing on their strengths.

A couple of years ago I met Julia Streets through a mutual friend and was eventually asked to join her company, Streets Consulting, as their North American arm.

Streets Consulting Ltd is a business development, marketing and communications consultancy specializing in the international financial services and B2B sectors. They work with firms in London, across Europe, North America and Asia.  Streets advises CEOs, COOs as well as business development, corporate communications, sales and marketing teams on the strategies best suited to achieving their corporate brand and communications objectives.

Julia is amazing and through her I learned the value of good PR.  When working with clients remember to treat each one differently as no two clients are the same.  You must ensure that you are getting out what they want the public to know in a professional and engaging way.  If you do not have good content then there is no way anyone is going to be interested in what your client is doing.  Another component of PR is getting your client to meet the press.  This can also be tricky as you want to make sure your client is thoroughly prepared to answer any potential questions that may be asked.  There is nothing worse than having to tell the press that you cannot answer something.  Working with the press is always a good time and I love to see the work that we do with our clients come to fruition in an article written by the press, either online or in print.

Julia had a writing, communications and marketing background, with stints at Hill & Knowlton and AtosEuronext Market Solutions (today called NYSE Technologies) before starting a career in stand-up comedy.  Although you may think these two careers do not mesh I will be the first to tell you that, although skeptical myself at first, Julia takes a lot of the situations that she experienced in her corporate career and shares them with audiences, getting rave reviews.  She is that funny!

Julia eventually found her way back to marketing and communications, starting Streets Consulting.  The company has many clients throughout London, Asia and North America who cannot say enough good things about Julia.  She is exceptionally bright and I have learned a tremendous amount from her that I have incorporated into ANI Marketing Service.

Julia has shared the valuable lessons she learned during her career including the importance of good-and-honest client and media relationships, to remain calm under pressure and the importance of using clear and imaginative language to attract the interest of journalists.

Oh, and yes, she still does some “gigs” on corporate life – that’s the icing on the cake!

If you would like to read Julia’s entire article, you can do so here.

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